Record review: The New Invincibles – Hear Some Evil (2012, EP)


Garage/punk/blues outfit The New Invincibles describe themselves as ‘one of Perth’s best live bands’. After hearing this EP – their third release since forming in 1999 – I can only conclude that this boast is a massive insult to the many fine bands from that city. The four-piece attempt to make noise like groups from the original wave of ‘60s garage, such as the 13th Floor Elevators and The Sonics, but it all feels far too contrived, and the desire to play as fast as possible strips the music of any soul or groove. Opener ‘Barnaby’ is the worst example of this; it’s three minutes of painful keyboard and guitar thrashing that goes absolutely nowhere. ‘Rubber Lovely’ and Oasis-on-speed closing track ‘Night’ have some redeemable moments despite the wailing vocals, but ultimately this EP is an excruciating listen. (Casa del Diablo Records)

4 thoughts on “Record review: The New Invincibles – Hear Some Evil (2012, EP)

  1. well Paully, Those who can’t play, like to write about those who can, and those who can’t write, write for shit street press. Very harsh review of a much loved Perth band that has been playing in Perth and around oz for 14 years. It’s pretty damn funny though. The bands own Spinal Tap ‘Shit Sandwich’. That joke will probably go over the head of a hack such as yourself. Probably not old enough to get that reference. Lastly,If you are so knowledgable about music, why don’t you buy a guitar and learn to play instead of trying to judge others who have bothered to make that effort.

  2. If you are so knowledgeable about writing, why don’t you learn to spell and use punctuation, instead of trying to judge others who have bothered to make that effort?

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