Record review: Graveyard Train – Hollow (2012, LP)


Melbourne country-horror madmen Graveyard Train are primarily known for their stomping, ramshackle live shows and chain-whacking gimmicks, but their third album should change all that. Sounding like the Lost Boys soundtrack done by Tarantino, Hollow drips with creepy baritone harmonies, dark country twangs, and tales of whisky, locomotives, and the devil. The song writing is stronger than ever; ‘Get The Gold’, ‘The Sermon’, and ‘Mary Melody’ being the best examples, and there are Nick Cave-esque touches sprinkled throughout too; most noticeably on ‘Hollow Wind’. Almost all the tracks have elements that will only enhance the Graveyard Train live experience; from sing-along choruses to apocalyptic let’s-drink-like-it’s-the-end-of-the-world lyrics. Ever wanted to go out into the desert and dance like a monkey around a massive bonfire, wearing nothing but a necklace of rattlesnake bones? Take Hollow and a good whisky, and have the time of your life. (Spooky Records)

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