Record review: Edge of Red – Queen of Hearts (2012, EP)

Edge Of Red Cover

Maybe it is a good time for Brisbane pop-rockers Edge Of Red to make a name for themselves, with Evanescence once again riding high with their particular brand of epic, female-fronted, melodic rock. Based on the evidence of this independently-released debut, they wouldn’t sound out of place supporting a band of that calibre. It could also be argued however, that Edge Of Red’s style of music has had its day, and that day ended some time in 2003. Songs like ‘Break The Rules’ and ‘Hard To Breathe’ are respectable stabs at the genre, and the musicianship is of inarguably high quality. Lead singer Ally Marks puts everything into her vocals, and would probably sound great on a Soundwave stage, but the formulaic nature of Edge Of Red’s songs starts to grate after a couple of listens. Their sound is good, but only if you like this sort of thing. (Independent)

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