Record review: Dirt Farmer – Dirt Farmer (2012, EP)

dirt farmer
If you’re sick of cold weather you should probably get hold of this debut EP from Melbourne five-piece Dirt Farmer and let it inject some summery warmth into your frigid bones. Previously banjo-toting country boys (hence the name), Dirt Farmer moved to the big smoke and are now masters of shiny surf pop; all jangly guitars and breezy vocal harmonies. Opener ‘Kick It’ is impossibly catchy; showcasing singer Stuart Barlow’s smooth and laid back vocals, and some seriously stylish guitar twangs. ‘Johnny Marble’ continues in a similar vein, with a falsetto chorus and an outro that you don’t want to end, before ‘Real Young’ throws a curveball with some harmonica that at no time sounds out of place. Closer ‘Honey’ couldn’t be more Kinks-esque if it tried; bringing me to the conclusion that there ought to be more bands like Dirt Farmer around. (Independent)

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