Record review: Love Like Hate – Rabbit Hole (2012, EP)

love like hate
Vocalist/guitarist Heather Cheketri and pianist Sonja Ter Horst are Love Like Hate; a Brisbane band like no other. Describing themselves as ‘dark pop’, the duo have been making quite a name for themselves with their trademark blend of intense, theatrical post-punk. Rabbit Hole – the band’s debut EP – recalls the spirit of such femme fatales as Patti Smith and PJ Harvey in a stirring five-track hit; all tales of love and loss set to the sound of rock guitars and creepy keys. Opener ‘Porcelain Brothel’ broods and crawls before upping the volume with a plethora of cascading piano, as Cheketri’s melancholy yet powerful lyrics describe the emptiness of a failed relationship. ‘Bleed’ comes out of the traps with an undeniable hint of ‘90s alt-rock, as the girls discover the joys of snare drums and rocking out, and again it’s Ter Horst’s piano mastery that drives the song. The title track is next, providing an epic pop ballad moment that channels Sinead O’Connor and allows Cheketri to flaunt her vocal range, before ‘Not My Heart’ continues the drama with soaring guitars and plenty of ominous, ringing keys. Closer ’21’ continues in a similar vein with some ghostly synth thrown in for good measure, bringing an emotional and compelling EP to a close. Sure, it might be the type of music you’ll only ever listen to with nothing but a bottle of wine and your cat for company, but what the hell – it sounds pretty damn good. (Independent)

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