Record review: Loon Lake – Thirty Three (2012, EP)

Melbourne indie five-piece Loon Lake are one of those bands who make you feel like you could – or perhaps should – be in a band yourself; they make playing upbeat pop songs look and sound so easy. After convincing yourself you can write the next chart-topper, digging out that dusty old acoustic guitar from your closet, then quickly realising that you can’t play a single note, you’ll return to their EP with even more respect for its catchy simplicity. It might have taken a year to put together, but Thirty Three – the band’s second EP – has a fresh and laidback feel; like it was knocked together in the time it took for the barbecue to warm up. Opener ‘The Week’ is a great start, building from a delicate combination of bass drum and softly-spoken vocals, to a near-shouted chorus and stylish guitar solo. ‘Bad To Me’ is catchy and danceable, despite acerbic lines like “all you do is lie to me, make my life a misery.” Proving they’re no one-trick pony, closer ‘Heart Stomper’ is an epic rock ballad that could only be improved if Slash was in the video playing the solo in a desert. Single ‘Cherry Lips’ has had plenty of national airplay and is probably the best track on the EP, and one which singer Sam Nolan recently claimed was written in two minutes flat. Maybe I’ll give that old guitar another chance. (Shock Entertainment)

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