Record review: San Cisco – San Cisco (2012, LP)

Fremantle indie-pop quartet San Cisco have seemingly been kicking around local music circles since they were in nappies. Having already released two EPs, landed seventh spot in the Hottest 100 with smash single ‘Awkward’, and completed a multitude of tours while still being barely out of their teens, the three guys and a gal have finally dropped their debut album, and it’s a bit of a patchy affair. The slow-rolling pace of ‘Hunter’, boy-girl vocals on ‘Wild Things’, and the jauntiness of ‘Toast’ work nicely, but attempts to harness their bouncy, hipster quirkiness too often don’t work, making it a frustrating listen. At several points the band seem stuck for ideas and come off sounding, ironically, quite awkward. The mid-album brace of ‘No Friends’ and ‘Lyall’ are lyrically immature to the point of being annoying; “You’ve got no friends to call your own, no one ever calls you on the telephone” offers singer Jordie Davieson in his trademark yelp, as you wish he could’ve spent more time coming up with something a bit less obvious. Single ‘Fred Astaire’ does the same; “He probably knows how to dance, and he could fly you to France,” being the most offensive use of a rhyming couplet since every love song that involved you and I, flying high, up in the sky. Of course, they’re still practically kids and don’t take themselves very seriously so a lot can be forgiven, but the hype surrounding their debut album promised so much and San Cisco haven’t delivered. (Island City/MGM)

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