Record review: Green Day – Dos! (2012, LP)

GReen day dos
Think about the headlines you’ve read involving Green Day recently, and you won’t be picturing an all-conquering musical comeback, but rather a once-great band seemingly flailing in a whirlwind of dysfunction with a desire to shoot themselves in the foot. Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent drug-fuelled antics at first smelled like a publicity stunt seeking to regain them the punk status lost after the heady days of 2010’s American Idiot, before it was revealed he did indeed have a problem and was packed off to rehab. It’s in this climate that the second of three new albums is released, and it’s one that shows the Californians as being certainly older, but not necessarily wiser. More Warning, less Dookie, ¡Dos! plods and drags its feet way too much to be considered a classic Green Day album, and while it’s still a pretty cohesive affair, it’s ultimately the sound of a band desperately struggling to be relevant. Probably the worst example of this is ‘F**k Time’; imagine a cross between a punk band and the Grease soundtrack and you’ll be close. It’s not all bad; closer ‘Amy’ is a surprisingly poignant tribute to Ms. Winehouse, and ‘Ashley’ sees the band display a punk urgency that would fit well amongst the best songs on 1997’s Nimrod. Three albums in three months might feel like a godsend to many Green Day fans, but that old rule about quality over quantity should perhaps have been employed at some stage here. (Warner)

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