Record review: Thelma Plum – Rosie (2013, EP)

thelma plum

Eighteen year old Brisbane folkie Thelma Plum doesn’t mess around. Despite being a complete unknown twelve months ago, the Brisbane Music Industry College graduate has bagged a Triple J National Indigenous Award, scored $10,000 worth of recording time from the Deadly Awards, signed with Brisbane’s Footstomp Music (home of Busby Marou and King Cannons), and now launched her debut six-track EP – not a bad effort for a young woman barely old enough to buy a drink. Hype and promise may be one thing, but backing it up with good music is something entirely different, but luckily Plum does it with apparent ease on this excellent release. Warm vocal tones and charming folk melodies throughout can’t hide the fact that she is quite the ballsy folk singer; lyrics like “la-di-da-di-da-di-da-da… fuck you!” on the otherwise upbeat and sugary ‘Around Here’ reveal her abrasive side. The colourful language doesn’t stop there, with more weapons-grade cussing popping up on ‘Dollar’, complimenting the infectious hand-claps and gentle Aussie twang to Plum’s engaging voice. The beautiful piano ballad ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ slows the pace right down and the title track gives the young singer a chance to flaunt her impressive vocal range. The only drawback with this EP is knowing that there is an eighteen year old singer out there with more talent and accomplishments than you will probably ever have, but that can’t be held against her. 2013 and beyond is looking good for Thelma Plum. (Footstomp)

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