Interview: Owl Eyes

owl eyes

One-to-watch Owl Eyes a.k.a Brooke Addamo released her new single ‘Crystalised’ earlier this month and is gearing up for a set of intimate shows around the country in May. I had a candid chat to Brooke ahead of her tour.

Hi Brooke! You first came to our attention on Australian Idol in 2008, so I just want to clear something up. Why is Kyle Sandilands such an arse?

Ha, I don’t think I could possibly answer this question, I guess everybody has to be known for something?

Ok, no more mention of him, I promise. Your new single ‘Crystalised’ has a fresh and different sound. How would you describe your new style?

I wrote this song thinking about the live aspect and that’s something I have never done. I wanted something to get people dancing and I wanted something really fun to play. It’s a bridging song between EP and album.

My new stuff is a little more synth and electronic inspired, but not generally as punchy as ‘Crystalised’.

Next month you are setting out on an east-coast tour promoting ‘Crystalised.’ What can your fans expect from an Owl Eyes show?

They can expect new music; I want to in a way involve them in the recording process of my album I want to play new and unfinished material to get a reaction and I will take that back with me to the studio.

Over the past couple of years you’ve had heaps of support from Triple J, got a gazillion fans on Facebook, and played gigs all around Australia. How do you find time to relax?

It’s pretty full-on at the moment mainly because I’m trying to get my album finished and I want to produce something that I am proud of.

So I don’t have much time to relax, although I did take the Easter weekend off to get away and stay in Daylesford, Victoria, which was lovely.

Your cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ is one of my favourite Like A Versions. What made you decide to cover that song, and have you had any feedback from Foster The People?

I am a big fan of the band and I really relate to the song as an artist.

It’s such a catchy pop tune with dark underlying themes in the lyrics. I really respect that. I did get some feedback when they were in the country The Doctor on Triple J interviewed Mark and showed him my cover. I think he said something about me having a great vibe, I can’t really remember, I was pretty much in shock.

What can you tell us about how your debut album is shaping up?

It has electronic elements mainly because of what I am inspired by at the moment and I am also really focused on lyric and theme writing at this point.

I’m working with a few different producers and artists trying a few different things and just generally experimenting.

If you could play live with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I think I would love to play along side Stevie Nicks in her younger years. She is a huge inspiration to me.

Finally, if Owl Eyes was an animal (other than an owl!), what animal would you be and why?

A cat, mainly because they are so quirky and make me laugh so much.

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