Record review: Katie Wighton – You Are Here (2013, EP)

katie wighton

Brisbane-raised folk songstress Katie Wighton has produced a gem of a second EP with You Are Here. Her delicate, lilting folk melodies and heartfelt lyrics see her dealing with subject matter like leaving home and lost love over the course of five expertly crafted songs. Opener ‘Christopher’ is a charming tune complete with marching band drums and gentle piano tinkling. ‘Smoking Cigarettes’ is a more mournful affair, ‘Grey Clouds’ sees the singer engaging some vocal effects, ‘Onwards and Upwards’ rolls and sprawls majestically, and closer ‘Ramshackle Heart’ starts slowly before introducing some wonderfully deft harmonies. A recent move to Sydney inspired Wighton to write many of these songs and lay her heartache on the line for everyone to see, but her voice is undoubtedly the star of the show; elegant, poised, and full of raw emotion to match the sometimes heavy subject matter. (Independent)

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