Record review: Dumbsaint – Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form (2012, LP)

Dumbsaint Cover Scan
All the best albums should take the listener on a journey, and this debut release from Sydney’s Dumbsaint has the rocket ship fuelled and ready to take you to a planet inhabited by all the parts of David Lynch’s mind that haven’t yet made it onto film. Four years in the making, this hour-long instrumental album from the post-rock three-piece has enough cinematic grandeur to soundtrack an entire catalogue of Lynchian dream imagery. Layers of intertwining guitar, bass, and drums wash over you within seconds of the start of nine-minute opener ‘Rivers Will Be Crossed’, and don’t let up over eight tracks. Guitarist Ron Prince is the star of the show; his thunderous riffs set the pace and he even finds time to throw in a little violin halfway through. Silly band name aside, this an epic and impressive piece of work. (Bird’s Robe Records)

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