Record review: The Delta Riggs – Rah Rah Radio (2013, Single)

Sydney DJ/producer Flume was recently quoted as saying “I feel like the sound palate with a rock band is just so done, it’s so boring to me. It never sounds fresh, I just hardly give it a chance, because guitars and acoustic drums can only go so far.” How timely it is then, to hear a new single that loudly and proudly extends a righteous middle finger in the general direction of the ridiculous notion that rock music is ‘done’.

It’s with tedious regularity that that particular idea is expressed, but haters need to accept that rock music ain’t ever going away, no sir; it ain’t gonna die, as Brian Johnson put it so succinctly. That’s not to say electronic music can’t flourish and be enjoyed by all too, and Flume’s debut album is a fine piece of work; but the punters who were present at his mind-numbingly boring set at Laneway Festival in Brisbane could vastly improve their lives by taking in a performance by Melbourne’s The Delta Riggs; five guys who are aware of the importance of putting on a SHOW, given the record-buying public is now a fraction of what it once was. Anyway, back to this single business…

‘Rah Rah Radio’ is the first single from the ‘Riggs upcoming – as yet untitled – debut album. Having been knocking around the traps for almost five years, and with three EPs already under their belts, it is a bit of a landmark for the band, and is perfectly filthy rock ‘n’ roll in true Delta Riggs style. Featuring all the most appropriate elements of any quality rock song, ‘Rah Rah Radio’ barrels along a frantic pace from the off, has an appropriately grammatically-incorrect sing-a-long chorus of “You shoulda go back to where you came from”, and is generally two-and-a-half minutes of kick-arse rock ‘n’ roll, as it should be.

Rock ‘n’ roll is far from ‘done’; it’s more alive than it ever was, and this single goes a long way in backing up that statement. Bring on the album, Delta Riggs.

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