Record review: The Cast of Cheers – Family (2012, LP)

cast of cheers
Family is important to the Irish, which is perhaps why brothers Conor and Neil Adams formed The Cast of Cheers together, and then used their considerable skills to make one of the best indie albums of this year. Combining the best elements of math-rock and frenetic punk-pop, this ten-track debut studio album from the Dublin collective will have you grinning, then dancing, then grinning some more. Opener ‘Family’ is a great start; it’s catchy, urgent and downright cool, before ‘Pocé Mit’ and ‘Human Elevator’ continue the good times with classic simplicity – the latter using stylish synth riffs among the quirky Bloc Party-esque guitar tinkling. Single ‘Animals’ is understated yet classy and just begs to be let loose at a summer festival, and elsewhere ‘Marso Sava’ slows the pace down yet retains the infectious pop style. You might be thinking this band sounds like a one-trick pony – but that couldn‘t be more wrong. There is enough of a variety of sounds here to keep you dancing until you drop. Every note is meaningful, every vocal yelp adds something, and nothing is wasted as the four-piece roll out track after track of catchy, positive vibes. Forget U2 – with an incendiary live show and now an excellent album to match, The Cast of Cheers are one of the Emerald Isle’s best. (School Boy Error)

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